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Sometimes unlearning is more important than learning. Therapy can be the space where that happens.

I often refer to my clients as 'First Generation
Un-learners' and consider supporting their journey to unlearn and shed unhealthy patterns to be one of strength.

- Neha Christopher (she/hers)

Creative Wellness with Neha was birthed from my desire to offer professional, creative, collaborative, and ethical Mental Health support as an independent professional.

I was born and raised as an Indian and am currently exploring work opportunities not bound by geography. My cultural identity includes being an immigrant from the South Asian diaspora, and an expressionist artist.


This website will give you all the information you need to get a sense of my approach, services offered, team, and process in therapy.

About Neha

About Neha 

I am a qualified Dance Movement Psychotherapist with a Master's of Science from Pratt Institute, NYC, USA. I am a Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist (BC-DMT #1313) and a Founding Member of the Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy (IADMT #PM0008).

As a Mental Health Professional, I have seven years of work experience across New York, Nepal, India, the Dominican Republic, and, Australia. I have worked in hospitals, schools, and mental health therapy centers.


I now work as an independent therapist, while also pursuing a Ph.D. in Creative Arts Therapy in Australia. I work with children (between 7-18 years), adults, and couples (both, platonic and romantic). As a COVID-19 adaptation, I solely engage in telehealth sessions.


Although I refer to my practice as Creative Wellness, it is not a company. Sunita supports me by managing all my communication and logistics.

Hi! I'm Neha.

(Pronounced 'Nay-ha')

Creative Wellness Neha Christopher
About Sunita

Sunita (she/hers)


Sunita manages communications and logistics for Creative Wellness with Neha. She is the point of contact for all inquiries and collaborations.

About Sunita

Sunita is a Retired Central Government Gazetted Officer From the Department of Labor. She is passionate about creating an inclusive society and served with the National Career Service for 30 years. She has an RCI certification and is fluent in British ASL. 

Sunita is the point of contact for all prospective clients, interns, and events coordinators regarding Neha's professional services. Once a Service Agreement has been signed, Sunita will connect you with me. However, you may connect with Sunita if you have any issues with my booking or payment pages.

Acknowledging Sunita's extensive experience within the field of disability and inclusion, you can contact her to avail of her professional services directly.

Services offered by Sunita*: 


  • Guidance for work opportunities for people with disabilities 

  • Connecting persons with disability with mobility resources  (wheelchairs, etc.)


*The services are subject to schedule, availability, and inventory.

“"I had no faith in the mental health system and you changed that for me."

Client in KTM, Nepal

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