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Learn About My Therapeutic Framework


My Values


I believe that the mind-body are connected, and I actively focus on understanding emotional triggers and responses in the body.


I respect and understand the complexities of assigned birth and socially-aligned gender norms. I do not engage in conversion therapy of any kind. As a cis-het woman, I acknowledge that I will never fully understand the stressors specifically faced by members of the LGBTQIA++ community. I will trust you and work alongside what you choose to bring to the therapy space. 

Person-Centred Approach

I value human-ness above diagnostic labels. I lay emphasis on understanding my clients and their concerns from a holistic perspective. Keeping this value in mind, I do not engage in behaviour management or Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Recognizing Unique Stressors Of  Disability & Chronic Illness

I recognize that persons with disability may have a complex relationship with care practitioners. I acknowledge the stressors that specifically accompany chronic illness and disability. I will value and trust what you share with me.

My Niche

My Niche

The Why 

Some people feel reassured by understanding the reason behind why they displays mental health symptoms (such as anxiousness, depressive thoughts/feeling, etc). 

​As part of my niche, I help clients understand the 'why' in order to proceed to the next steps of 'how' ​to process and work through challenging  symptoms.

Somatic Aptitude 

Somatic aptitude is all about learning to understand and respond to somatic (bodily) cues. ​The need to develop a somatic aptitude might be of prime importance if clients experience:

  • Pre-existing awareness about your somatic responses to people; commonly understood as 'gut feeling' 

  • Desiring clarity on how to use and respond to somatic cues


Simply put, parentification is when children grow up feeling the need to parent/care for themselves emotionally or socially. 


Parentified Children often display the following characteristics: 

  • Empathy Without Adequate Boundaries

  • Perfectionism

  • Black & White Thinking 

  • Constant Urge to People-Please

  • Chronic Neck/Back Pain


As part of my niche, I help clients unlearn patterns that no longe serve them.

Fostering Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes, emotions overwhelm people because they are difficult to identify. Fostering emotional intelligence can go a long way in managing stress and emotional roller coaster rides. 

Internalised Racism 

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color face unique life stressors that are systemic and beyond their control. As part of my niche, I can specifically help clients of Indian origin process and learn to overcome their internalised racism and subsequent discontentment with themselves.


Internalized racism can manifest in the following ways:

  • Persistent Over-Achieving

  • Constant feeling of 'Imposter Syndrome'

  • Unhealthy urge to assimilate in different cultures 

  • Over-engaging in social media (glamorising oneself without feeling proud of oneself)

Are We A Good Fit?

As part of the therapeutic process, I strongly encourage and actively dialogue with my clients about perceiving their mental health concerns as a 'signpost' that warrants change/s in their life. These change usually involves a change in the clients' self-narrative, communication with their support systems, and boundaries need for a balanced life. 

I believe that the highs and lows of life aren't separate components but part of the same continuum. I see therapy as one of the spaces where people can safely express, explore, make sense of, and find moments of joy on this continuum.

If you are interested in:

  • Understanding WHY you feel the way you feel,

  • UNLEARNING unhealthy patterns you have inherited from your family/social circles,

  • SEEKING to feel more emotionally regulated, &

  • WANTING to EXPLORE or STRENGTHEN your relationship with your BODY,

Then I might be a good fit for your mental health journey! 

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