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Global Involvement & Service


Founding Board 

Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy

The Indian Association of Dance Movement Therapy (IADMT) is a professional body for Dance Movement Psychotherapists (DMP), Dance/Movement Therapists (DMT), Dance Movement Therapy Practitioners (DMTP), and Therapeutic Movement Facilitators (DMTF) in India.


It was formed to set ethical standards for professional practice, training, and supervision in the field of Dance Movement Therapy in India.


The founding board members include: 

Preetha Ramasubramanian, Anshuma Kshetrapal, Devika Mehta Kadam, Rashi Bijlani Tandon, Ruchi Shah Jhaveri, Tarana Khatri, Akanksha Mishra, Ritu Shree, Neha Christopher (2020 to present). 

Neha Christopher is also the mentor in-charge (2020 to present). for The Newsletter & Publications committee of The IADMT. 

Service Location: Delhi, India & Virtual 

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Co-Chair of the Asian American Pacific Islander & Desi Affinity Group

American Dance Therapy Association 

Neha was elected to be a Co-chair for Asian American Pacific Islander & Desi Affinity Group, AAPIDA (part of the Multicultural & Diversity Committee of the ADTA) in 2021 (to present). 


The AAPIDA leadership strives to provide an environment of support and community for AAPIDA-identifying members of the ADTA.

Service Location: Virtual 


Project Manager Project Manager

U&I Charity

Neha was appointed to be a Project head at one of U&I’s Educational Centres. (Balakiya Bala Mandir, Bangalore).

Her work involved planning and implementation of planning weekly sessions on life skills such as communication, and punctuality for children rescued from trafficking. 

Neha managed a  20+ team of volunteers during her service. 

Service Location: Bangalore, India 


Academic Teacher 

Andrew Cole

Neha served as a therapy intern at Kings Country Hospital Center (Adult In-Patient Psychiatry) during her first year at Graduate School (2014-2015). 

Service Location: New York, USA


 Intern at The Dept. of Forensic Psychiatry

Bellevue Hopsistal 

Neha served as a therapy intern at Bellevue Hospital Center (Forensic Psychiatry) during her third semester at Graduate School (Fall, 2015).


Service Location: New York, USA

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Standards and Ethics Committee Member 

American Dance Therapy Association 

Neha was elected to be a Member of the Standards & Ethics Committee in 2020 (to present). The committee is designed to set forth ethical standards for practicing dance/movement therapists.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the committee aims to protect and safeguard the experiences of Dance/Movement Therapy students, professional providers, and service users by addressing all formal and informal complaints of harm and malpractice brought to their attention. 


 The standard and ethics committee values and aspires to embody the following as it carries out its functions; 

  • Cultural humility 

  • Non-maleficence 

  • Anti-oppression

  • Anti-discrimination and

  • Equity

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Service Location: Virtual 

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Creative Arts Therapy Intern

Fundación Crecimiento Comunitario Proyectando Esperanza, Inc. (FUCPE)


Neha served as a Creative Arts Therapy intern at an elementary and middle school in March 2016. 


She applied therapeutic Dance and Creative Arts in her work with the school children. 


Service Location: La Romana, Dominican Republic

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IT Chair, New York State Chapter of The American Dance Therapy Association


American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)


Neha was an elected member of the NYS, and ADTA from 2016-2017.


Her service included proactively assisting in the recruitment of additional volunteers to support the current and future needs of the organization and actively advocating for dance therapy by organizing and participating in dance parades, creating educational/informative videos, etc.

Service Location: New York, USA

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Student Laison


Neha was an appointed student Laison of the NYS, ADTA from 2014-2016.


Her service included bridging the gap between the student body (namely Pratt Institute) and the New York state chapter of the American dance therapy Association (NYS, ADTA). 

She represented The New York State Chapter at the national ADTA conference in Maryland, in 2016, and in Chicago, in 2014, USA. 

Service Location: New York, USA

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